1. Two best coffee shops in Amsterdam, Voyagers and Happy Feelings. Cant wait to get back there, it feels like home:) XXX


  2. Met some really great Germans, they were very nice and tried to speak english as much as possible but the language barrier came into effect quite a bit. Had a crazy night in he town with them!


  3. Last taste of france and the wonderful atmosphere. Im now in Amsterdam experiencing the “coffee culture”;) what a great city defiantly the pace to be!


  4. My day and a half in paris was awesome I saw just about everything. These are just a touch of the beautiful hotspots I’ve viewd including the Eiffel tower, grand arch, some breath taking gardens and some brilliant architecture.


  5. Big ben and the houses of parliament also a night out with my cousin; great time! Everything here seems older than canada itself. So much to see and do I fucking love it!


  6. St Paul’s cathedral and euston station in London. Some of the most brilliant feats of architecture I’ve ever seen. Everything here is beautiful I dont want to leave.


  7. My granddads watch that was given to me by my uncle Ged, he was his best friend and it was the most special gift I’ve ever received:)


  8. A series of installations and scenery along the promenade in Blackpool, England. The spiked structure is to commemorate the wives who lost their husbands at sea, on a sunset it casts a shadow of a broken heart.


  9. Beautiful sunset on the promenade last night. Simply breath taking, dont need no drugs im high on life:)


  10. Being hundreds upon thousands of miles away really makes you contemplate what decisions you’ve made and the petty problems you normally surround yourself with. Really puts things into perspective.


  11. Wonderful day with me uncle Ged shooting clay pigeons and what a beautiful place he has. I just love the serenity english yards


  12. Spring is in the air here, greenest grass and the freshest flowers, nothing beats this compared Canada’s weather right now:)


  13. Witnessed some great marvels of modern architecture; Blackpool tower, the grand ballroom and the winter gardens. It was spectacular to see, these pictures barley do the buildings justice. Just wait until I upload the rest at the end of the week!


  14. The ogre the ore and the sea swallow, a series of installations that depict a story very cool


  15. First day in Blackpool was spectacular visited all my father’s old spots and gazed at the sea for the first time ever. So beautiful yet non forgiving.